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The Sensational Wine

Unique varieties and unforgettable aromas

Wine has been made in the Ribatejo since 2,000 BC, before Portugal was an independent country. Viticulture has always been a natural activity here, due to the climate and the soils, both perfect for growing grapes. For centuries wine was a major export from the Tagus region, and was on board the pioneering ships at the time of the discoveries in the New World.

For many years the aim was volume production, encouraged by demand and the wonderful terroir. But gradually wine producers looked to produce smaller quantities of fine wines of real quality; wines of distinction and regional character.  

Today, the Ribatejo is Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC), protected and with a clear focus on excellence. Increasingly familiar with connoisseurs and sought out by enthusiasts, there's a full range of wines from crisp, fruity white wines with tropical fruit notes, to rich, robust reds, aromatic and perfect with roast meats of the region. 

Follow the Tagus Wine Route and get the full story. There are four unique circuits: Gothic Treasure, Bulls and Horses, Beira Tejo and Manueline Treasure. Each has its own emphasis but all provide a very special insight into the wine making of the region.

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