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The Talismanic Campino

Celebrating life and cherishing tradition 

The campino, or traditional mounted herdsman, is the talismanic figure who dominates rural Ribatejo. He is the rugged custodian of the countryside and its customs and he is revered by the people who have carved out their livelihoods from this epic landscape. Today's visitors can immerse themselves in a bucolic paradise; peaceful, rolling countryside, unspoilt and uncommercialised. But once it was a day to day struggle to survive, and the campino was at the forefront of taming this landscape. 

Water has always been the great life giver, but it can also be the great destroyer. This knife edge of survival has taught the Ribatejan people to celebrate life and cherish tradition. This is their land, and they are incredibly proud of it, but there is always an extra seat at the table. Come and experience the fandango, admire the campino and his hardy life, and take your seat.

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