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Avieira Culture of Tejo river

Experience the Avieira Culture of Tejo river  

Day 1 – 70 km
10h - Beginning of itinerary with a visit to the Avieira villages of Porto da Palha, Azambuja and Palhota, Cartaxo.  
13h - Boat trip on the Tejo river, through the Rota das Garças (Herons Route) and regional lunch. Visit the Rural Museum of Vine and Wine, and explore the Castrum of Vila Nova de São Pedro, in Azambuja. 
17h - Late afternoon, discover the rock salt handicraft at the Ecomuseum of Salinas in the village of Fonte da Bica, Rio Maior. 
20h – Dinner and acommodation in Rio Maior.

Day 2 – 100 km
10h - Breakfast at the lodge. Discover the Alcanede castle ruins, and the Cave of Algar do Pena. 
13h - Traditional gastronomic lunch. Visit a local stud farm for a riding lesson in Golegã, Capital of the Horse. Explore the avieira village of Patacão, and visit the Alpiarça Museum at Casa dos Patudos, the country outfit, and the Fandango  regional dance. 
18h - In Almeirim, enjoy a tasting of wine and traditional bread, the caralhota.  
20h - Dinner and accommodation in Almeirim. 

Day 3 – 80 km
10h - Breakfast at the lodge. Enter the Santarém wall through the historic Porta do Sol, and visit the historical centre of the Gothic Capital, in Santarém. Next to the Tejo river, visit the avieira village of Caneiras. 
13h - Traditional lunch. In Salvaterra de Magos, explore the avieira village of Escaroupim and the Falcoaria Real, where the art of Falconry is practiced, Cultural and Intangible Heritage of UNESCO.  
17h - Venture into Azambuja with a baptismal flight. End of itinerary.

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