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Erra - Coruche Cycling Center

CCH - Erra - Coruche CC

The Erra – Coruche Cycling Center is located in the centre of Erra. Its main entrance provides all cycling center essential features: toilets, changing rooms and a service station with a bike wash and where minor repairs can be carried out.


The network is made up of six Gravel routes covering a total of 306 km, taking cyclists through the most iconic locations in the area.




11 Erra  GR          Green    22,45 kms

12 Erra  GR          Blue       30,4 kms

13 Erra  GR          Red        64,5 kms

14 Erra  GR         Red        38,48 kms

15 Erra  GR          Black     81,2 kms

16 Erra  GR          Black     65,67 kms


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